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August 20, 2007

Not every weekend ends with a new car.

After a quick seven hour trip to Lovely, NM, I decided to take a quick jaunt up to Albuquerque to see the new apple of my eye. I spent some 9 hours in a car on Saturday. My car overheated multiple times, and I struggled to get into the northern heights of that fair city. I’d fought it tooth and nail, stopping to let off steam at the top of hills, using gravity to get my momentum back. I stopped at convenience and gave serious pondering to disgusting artifacts of traveler culture under the guise of hoping my car wouldn’t die before I got there. However, despite all prayers and better efforts, it finally shuddered to a halt at the corner of Coors and Paseo Del Norte.

(Note: this is not where I personify my car. I, actually, have never had the pleasure of genderizing my vehicles, and so can’t get too attached to the thing. It didn’t even have a sex-less name like Kelly or B.J.)

Cuddle (that’s the boyfriend I was going to see) was gracious enough to keep my company as I waited for the towing company to show up. He’s good at this. He’s good to look at, to be honest, and its nice to know that he is, in fact, real. He’s also useful in staving off the sidelong glances of rubberneckers that passed us. Cuddle also gave me a ride back to his house, and he’s letting me keep the old car there while I get a wrecker to pick it up. So nice!

We had a grand weekend where I enjoyed each others company and a couple very tasty meals and attempted to watch one episode of Firefly three times. He says he finally finished the disc, but I don’t believe him. He’s got the rest of them now, so he’s gonna be assimilated soon.

If you’ve never had the chance to meet a friend you’ve made over electronic waves in person, you are missing out on a solitary joy. All the ideas you have in your head, all the images, all the figures and calculations compile and collapse into the singular shape that saunters up to you in the dim light of a busy street median, hugs you deeply, and laughs hello. It is bliss. My heart is happy. He is a good man.

However, my car was dead, so I had to figure out a way to get home. Cuddle offered, I accepted. He drove me home. He drove me all the way back to P-ville, and then drove back that night. He is my knight in shining armor, my life vest, my cherished drought of water. We had dinner, he left, I became sad at his absence, and then made arrangement for a bike that I would ride to school the next morning.

It was a woman’s bike. It has flat tires that don’t hold air. It is hard to maneuver. It belongs the Mrs. Head’s daughter. I decided to walk to work instead.

The school day proceeds as normal, and I find myself, afterwards, in the passenger seat of the car that I’m going to buy tomorrow. A friend of my family, a car dealer, picked me up, showed me a few vehicles, and I made my choice. Tomorrow, I take the check up for the down payment, and start to worry about how to pay the next month’s bill. Luckily, I’m on a teacher’s salary (bet you’ve never heard that before…”luckily”).

So, new love, new opportunity, new romance, new car. I rock.



  1. Is it the summer of new cars or what? Sorry to hear your old one crapped out, but tell us more ’bout the new one! What color, what make and model?

  2. I name my cars…

    But then, I also don’t get hot Asian guys from the internet; I get arrogant and boring dudes.

    Correlation? Maybe.

  3. Naming cars is overrated. I call mine The Puck (it’s a little black Golf, so it’s an apt description).

    I LOVE hearing other people’s love stories. Keep it coming!

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