day one

August 15, 2007

I survived! One day down, one hundred eighty to go. I’m amazed at myself.

Something can be said for index cards and they amount of revelation they bear. Students, when asked to tell what was most exciting about band, noted that competitions and playing before large crowds is the bee’s knees. Not only that, but one kid even said he would love to play before a “big crowd of people.” It’s great to see this. Not only have these kids been taught the value of success, but they know how good it can make you feel. I’m proud of these kids and I don’t even know them. Even the percussion kids, who wouldn’t shut their little traps, were honest with how much they wanted to do well. Granted, most of them also included their own variants on “Ook like drums.”

It was a good day, and I spent the most of my afternoon planning and preparing for the next day. I hope the next day goes by pretty well. Any teachers out there wanna offer their words of advice?



  1. I have two bits of advice right now – keep loving what you do and always plan WAY more than you think you can do in the time allowed.


  2. *looks around* I’m not a teacher, but I’m thrilled to know one of my friends is becoming one!

  3. I’m glad that your first day went well. 🙂 Keep on it! *hugs*

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