August 11, 2007

I don’t get this whole classroom thing. Putting one together, that is. I’m very excited about starting to teach, which is next Tuesday, but I’m just so confused about what is really involved in starting an educational environment. Not that I’m very into the postery, pretty wallpapery type of room decor, but all the instructions I wanted to be set up, along with knowing what was going to happen during the first few, policy crammed days.

All I really know is that I’m supposed to stand on the box in front of the class and wave the stick and hope everyone follows along.

Mrs. Head informs me that I needn’t worry about all this stuff, because most of it has been taken care of before hand. All I had to do was make copies of several forms the parents have to fill out for the kids. Otherwise, relax, don’t worry about stuff, and just…wait. *sigh* I hate waiting.

So, anyway, here, I am, not doing anything school related. I was able to get several things marked off my list, but I still don’t feel like I have accomplished all that much. I don’t know what I’m gonna do that first day with the kids, and I certainly don’t know what level the kids are at. *more sigh* I should just chill out and enjoy the rest of my weekend.

So, to help me do that, here is a fun video from Lasse Gjertsen. *Edit: let’s see if the whole video will show up now…*



  1. A tiny bit of lesson I learned that I pass on to any new teacher who will listen: be a hard-ass the first few days (weeks, even). You are, essentially, the big dog of the pack. If you don’t establish your dominance by peeing over everything – the room, the rules, the equipment, the students – you will not have them. I know it sounds base and ugly, but it’s the truth: the students will – WILL – test and push and try to see how serious you are about being in control. When they’re sure that the boundaries are strong and fair, they’ll settle down into learning. Besides, it’s much easier to relax the rules than it is to try to tighten them later.

    Ask me how I know…

  2. How do you know?!

    Actually, I’ve heard this before. I had heard of a woman who came to school the first day dressed in solid black, dark makeup and her hair somewhat…menacing. She was very mean the first day to all the students. Admittedly mean. The following day and every day after that, she was bright and shiny, a happy face. I’ve pondered the use of this.

  3. You can dooooooooooo it.

    Also, please take pictures of dark makeup.

  4. Yes, be a hard ass! I respected those teachers more than the really lax ones. I got more from them because they demanded my attention.

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