the world does not crumble

August 2, 2007

I live. I promise I do.  And if I keep telling myself this, I’ll even start believing it. However, I doubt I’ll really get to start living until I have everything unpacked in my new apartment.

Also, as soon as I can get a camera down here, I’m gonna take some pics and toss them up here, cause this place is swank. Can you believe it came with its own bar chairs? Swank! (homage to C). Sweet marbled mica counter tops, washer and dryer, a 12’x19′ master bedroom and an office! I’m gonna be living it up, people. Party at my place. Mom hooked me up with her old queen sized bed, so I can finally rest in a natural, thrashing way, and boy, have I!

Alas, all my stuff is still in boxes and corners, and I’m bound and determined to get it all unpacked this weekend.  Justification: As soon as I get unpacked, I can start decorating, ’cause nobody likes a naked and boring house. Especially me.

Band is going well. I like the kids. We’ve already had a couple really great rehearsals. I think I’m really gonna like it here in P-ville.



  1. Man, I wish my place was like that! I’m glad that you are enjoyin’ your new job! 🙂

  2. Do I really use swank a lot?

  3. It was more the “blah blah [adjective] blah blah blah. Additional info. [Adjective]!” that was the homage.

  4. Oh I see…

    But no, actually I don’t.

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