orlando, part 2

July 27, 2007

I’m a derned liar. Here I am, sitting in the hotel, blogging, just like I thought I wasn’t gonna get to.  And while I have slept the minimal amount and worked almost proportionately as hard, I’d have to say this day deserves a blog, and so I’m just gonna be a liar. I’m sure you’ll all get over it.

So, what’s going on with me? Well, the crowd is louder than me, and I’m being a bit reclusive, though I’m in the middle of them all. It’s the *counts on fingers* fourth day of convention, and I’ve been here since last Saturday night. It’s not so bad. Actually, its pretty great to be sitting here among so many people that I have one major thing in common with: band. I will admit that there is so much that divides us, but mostly, I stick around, talk to people, and do my best to just…enjoy myself. Typical of me? Hardly. Actually, I’ll admit first and foremost that all the in-fighting, all the conflict, all the bickering…I find myself drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

I know the natural destructive power there, but that’s where all the knowledge stems from. That’s where everything for the next two years will come from. It’s not just a simple matter of that’s where the decisions are being made; it’s where the social climate and the next few steps of everyone in this great fraternal dance are predicted for the next biennium. It’s so clever and indulgent of me. I love to hear all the trouble of everyone. It gets tiresome, sure, but most of the time, I just love knowing that people are thinking and people are acting, and how it all plays into the greater tapestry of the fraternity.

It’s not just who is what office and what policy is voted on. It’s not even who is who’s big or little brother, or who thinks they are going to apply for what office. It’s everything else that really decides the direction of this fraternity, and I think it works much in the way that all the other communication issues are. You can lead a horse to water, but it’s much easier if you have a bucket handy.

Based on this week, I’m giving some thought to maybe starting another blog. I don’t know for sure, but I’m thinking about it. Stay tuned.



  1. “You can lead a horse to water, but it’s much easier if you have a bucket handy.”

    I LOVE this sentiment – it really captures exactly what you’re trying to convey here.

    Is it possible to be observant of all that’s going on around you without being sucked in, as well?

  2. I suppose so, but what’s the fun in that?

  3. I agree with Mrs. Chili…observe and don’t get involved. Being involved means drama. Drama just…blah. If we were all meant for that we’d either be in soap operas or living in the theatre. Besides, you can be sneaky as the quiet one that watches.

  4. *taps chin with finger* I don’t actually think I can say anything, I do the drama with an element of style as well.

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