July 22, 2007

Camp is over. The long hot days of babysitting (as it quickly turned into) are done. I am out of that, and I am just a slight bit richer for it.

Now, I’m in Orlando, doing the thing with the fraternity and the National Intercollegiate Band and the whatnot. I got first chair, so in a way, you could say I’m the best saxophonist in the nation. What a dream! What it really means is I’m playing first part in a lot of great pieces: Konigsmarsch, First Suite in Eb, Celestial Dancers (the commissioned piece for this year).

Thursday: my birthday. And I’m going to Disney World! I can’t decide if I’m going to Animal Kingdom, or if I’m gonna try to catch a La Cirque du Soleil show. Or perhaps I’ll wander around Epcot and find something very cool to buy, and eat some great food. So many choices. And I’m supposed to go out to a bar with a lot of people one of these nights. We’ll see what happens. So much going on to really be tying myself down on the first day, I suppose.

Anyway, following this is a post about me disappearing for a few days. I’ll be around shortly enough. C, you’re on your own for a couple weeks. Call me.



  1. Here’s my advice – if you do nothing else, SEE THE CIRQUE SHOW! Even if you have to pay stupid money to get in (and, believe me, you’ll have to pay stupid money to get in), you will NEVER regret it. As a matter of fact, I can pretty much guarantee that, within the first, oh, I don’t know, three minutes?, you’ll be sitting there, mouth hanging open, thinking to yourself, “hell, I’d have paid TWICE the stupid money for this!”

    Go, then tell me I’m wrong.

    We enjoyed both the Magic Kingdom and Epcot very much – they were pretty much tied on the Chili scale. The Animal Kingdom was third on our list, followed distantly by MGM (Mr. Chili liked the Aerosmith roller coaster, and we got to eat at the Toy Story Pizza Planet, but that was about it).

    Tell us all about it when you get back – and happy birthday!!

  2. I should have read your post before texting you. Oh well. You’re going to have fun – no doubt.

  3. *HUGS* Congrats on first chair! I had no idea you’d be away for that long so Happy Early Birthday, I had intentions on IMing you that but since you won’t be on them…

    Please go to the Cirque show for me. I’ve seen the program on the television and I LOVED it. It’d be even more amazing to see it live.

    Love ya.

  4. […] of you might remember me going to Orlando this last summer for the Kappa Kappa Psi National Convention and the 2007 National Intercollegiate […]

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