band camp, day six

July 13, 2007

Last night, one of the kids spit Ramen noodles all over my legs.

During the meeting, we approached the subject of the Camp Ball, which is our little version of prom. “Guys, if you are thinking of taking a girl to the Ball, you need to buy her flowers,” I said. “That would be the gentlemanly thing to do.” I also attempted to explain, though some small fit of laughter, that they should not expect to get anything out of the ladies they take. To do so would be unseemly, and possibly get them in trouble. No need to be surprised either, when she simply doesn’t want to suck on your tongue.

“But, what if, like,” sputters Hernan, “what if i get her a flower, but he doesn’t like, you know, like, if she’s not any good or something? Can I take the flower back?”

To this, I received a leg full of Ramen noodles. I was shocked, ungrateful, but luckily not the target of laughter. After I was done laughing in my mind, I threatened Hernan with early curfew for making Zach spray me. I didn’t give it to him.

However, after this came the debacle of dancing and hooting that lead to an early bed time for everyone, and a very angry me. So we had a “come to jesus” meeting tonight, in which I only gave out four early curfews because the previous offenders had found friends and attempted it again. It was a calculated effort on both of our parts, as I learned the value of an overt threat. They behaved much better than they had been, with their nearly obsessive talking and complete disregard for any sort of respect.

Anyway, it is late here, and I’m tired. I need to save my strength for tomorrow, when I got pack a lot of boxes. Happy weekend, everyone.



  1. Two things:

    First of all, that kid needs to listen to Taylor Mali. There should be more actual WORDS in what he said and less, like, you know, fillers?

    Second; the Raman noodles were LAUGHED at you, not PUKED at you, right? Because it’s a funny story if your leg were the target of a laughter missile, but I’m going to feel a little queasy if not….

  2. Ha! No, they were not puked on me. It was definitely a laughter thing. No puking was involved in the making or inspiration of this blog post.

    Also, Taylor Mali is a teacher among teachers.

  3. Phew! because, if there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s puke! Part of why I became a teacher of older students is because there’s far less spontaneous puking in high school and college (well, not in college CLASSES, anyway – the dorms are another story) than there is in elementary school.

    I figured that it was laughter-inspired noodle-age, but I wanted to make sure…

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