band camp, day three

July 10, 2007

Michael was late to his 1.45 class, along with probably 200 other kids. A large handful of campers changed classes, and slightly less probably added or removed a class from their schedule.

Kids became homesick, using most tricks available to them get their way: feigning actual illness, lying, crying. Some worried that this would not be a pleasant experience, and some worried that they would not survive the ordeal of loneliness. One kid, it was discovered, came to camp alone, and was forced to watch a pool game go by without his collusion at all, and he looked sad. Another kid acheived with few did, and gained no roommate, of which he is grateful.

Myself? I purchased a percussionist’s stick bag, two pair of snare drum sticks, and a box of reeds from the small outlet music store that establishes itself on campus during the camp. A nice chunk that I no longer have, but well worth the purchase. Music items are not cheap, by any means.

Director’s band started today, and I didn’t explode with a flurry of failure due to the difficulty of the music. It is well within my reaches, thus far, so tomorrow, I will be tackling that. It’s always fun to come together under a man who rallied so many minds for so many years and make music. It is joyous, and I look forward to playing with the other saxophonists tomorrow night duing the master class.

We are in the full swing of things now. The students attended their first full day of rehearsals and classes, and they are going to the musical in the canyon tonight. It is a good show, a long show, and they will get home late tonight. Tomorrow, we do mostly the same thing, save for the master class. The kinks are slowly working themselves out.

Such was the third day.


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