band camp, day one

July 8, 2007

I am glad I have kept my box fan all these years. She is a handy thing. Three adjustable speeds, a strudy base with the ability to rotate vertically 360 degrees. Her high speed is the torrent of the squall, blasting wind at you, fierce enough to take your hat right off. Her low speed is the gentle summer breeze, tempering the air to that just right coolness, a reprieving gust. She has circulated air-conditioners and conquered the stuffy heat of un-cooled dorm rooms. She is my companion, and I dare say, a war hero.

So, I’m glad I kept her around, because I am back in the dorms for two weeks for band camp.

[Warning: Cease and desist with all band camp jokes. They are not funny; that movie was not funny; you should be ashamed for letting that dry heave of a joke go on this long. Thank you.]

In 1.5 hours, the first of nearly 1000 campers will arriving with a suitcase in one hand and an instrument in another, looking for a place to stash their stuff and a room to sit and eat chips in and talk to friends in and sleep hard in. Two weeks of nearly unbearable heat, tempered by fans much like my own, and two weeks of incredible experiences that will transform these kids every day until they get back in their cars to go home.

I personally have very fond memories from band camp. As we discussed yesterday during the Resident Assistant meeting, band camp will make your decision to come to this university. It is true. Many kids of have to this camp and have also come to school here. Actually, its more likely to say that nearly every kid that becomes a music major at the college was a camper at some point, and nearly every RA was also a camper. Here at camp, relationships and friendships form that you never expect, and you find yourself, years down the road remembering people as you knew them at band camp, and those are your humble beginnings. There are the seemingly countless hours your spent playing in your band, and all the time you spent at the dance. The trip to the amusement park, to the musical out in the canyon. The times chilling out with friends under the air-conditioning, just talking about anything.

Man, I love band camp, and I love having these kids around. They are so excited to be here, to be having fun, you just can’t not get excited along with them.

The most amazing thing about camp, I think, is how time slows to a near halt. Two weeks of this microcosmic bliss, where every day is so wonderfully long, and every night is terribly short. The camp seems to last forever, and suddenly, at the end, it is over. Gone like a wisp of smoke, and you wonder if it ever really happened. Fourteen days of dreaming.

In one hour, I’ll be helping kids sort out rooom issues, help them get moved in, introduce them to their roommates, help them get their blinds to close, help them be less hot in their rooms. I can’t wait. I just can’t wait.



  1. Awesome, enjoy these two weeks!

  2. You know what I’d be curious about? How has your perspective changed from the idea that you’re now a leader of this niche community instead of someone being actively changed and challenged by the enviroment? Or do the latter two attributes still apply even though you have the power to mold the happenings a bit more?

  3. I didn’t think that movie was funny, either. Of course, I never went to band camp…

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