July 5, 2007

Packing my apartment.
Attending to outstaning errands.
Organizing a daily schedule.
Eating all my frozen food.

nullPriorities, priorities, priorities. My job in P-ville starts in less than a month, but I have an apartment now. It’s a nice little two bedroom, two bathroom palace with a 12×19 master bedroom. Sweet, no? I’m excited about it. Trying to formulate an idea of what I want it to look like inside. Though, to be honest, I probably ought to be figuring out how the P-ville High Drumline is going to look. Hell, it could already be decided for me and I’ve not taken the time to give it more than a couple moment’s thought. Not that I’ve not had the time, just that I think its going to be okay anyway. There are a ton of warm-ups available for use, but I’ve got to whittle those down to a sizeable eight, maybe. Eight might be too many.

Am I stressed? Oh, a touch. No more than normal. Probably less than I will be in a couple weeks, and probably just this side of more than I ought to be.Things will be fine, fine. Lucky for me, my mother is coordinating the actual move for me, cause I’m gonna be in Orlando.

Speaking of Orlando, I’m gonna give serious thought to live blogging something at the Fraternity Convention I’ll be attending, but more on that later.

There, I posted. I promise I’ll be a more interesting date later.



  1. ‘Bugs, what’s the photo of?

  2. Oh yeah…that’s the apartment complex…

  3. I vote for the live blogging.

  4. Is that the one you were telling me about? Or is it a different one that was a better deal?

  5. I don’t know, but these aren’t too bad. Certainly better than others.

  6. yes, sometimes eating all of that frozen food is a feat in an of itself!! Happy packing 🙂

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