June 20, 2007

Finally, after nearly seven years of “putting up with” the antics of this country’s current administration, I think I’ve finally become so angry I can barely see.

Democracy Now reported, along with many other new organizations, the final conviction and sentencing of Scooter Libby. Now, I’ve not been following it too closely, but from what I understand, Mr. Libby compromised the integrity of a secret initiative, revealed the identity of an undercover agent, all in an effort to get back at the US Ambassador the criticized the President and, in the process…

Lied. Under. Oath.

Now, my mama raised me like a good boy, and she raised to know that lying was bad. In fact, she made it painfully clear as she weilded a belt against my bare summer legs that lying was the one act she would not tolerate, period. Lying was the one thing you could do to break my mother’s heart indefinitely, and so I really try hard not to do it. Not that I’m always successful, for there are the small caveats pertaining to how to protect people from the truth, regardless of why.

I also had it pressed into my skull that the judicial system is designed to weed out the liar and the theif, as well as the murderer and the vandal. Maybe that’s a bit idealistic, but I know it tries hard to do this. I commend Judge Walton for doing his job. I also commend him on standing up to the bullying that has followed.

Can you actually believe that Republi-dumbasses are asking for a pardon for a liar? A liar and a fall guy? And a minion? This guy basically goes through a series of delicate manuveurs just to send a bit of a message to some guy who just happens to have a brain of his own, gods forbid. He violates the security of the nation by revealing names, then lies under oath. Perjury used to be just a bad as treason. What happened to that?

(I want to point out, by the way, that, given our nation’s reactionary view on security matters, I’m surprised this has taken as long as it did to go through. Oh wait, I forgot we live in a land of puppets and candy-canes. My bad.)

So back to fury. It blows my mind that we allow this to happen, this pardoning business. Oh, he did exactly like he was told. He’s a good terrier, so he deserves a biscuit! First, this goes against the ethics of law, and it goes against the morals of a nation that touts itself as highly moral.

Second, let it be known that it would be more prosperous to put Libby in jail, let him serve as the warning, and that way, maybe the American public would start to believe that this President is actually worth his weight in grade A nitrogenized fertilizer. Alas, no. We will likely see Libby pardoned from his horrible fate that would have been endured in minimally secure luxury, and the judicial system will have again bowed to the whims of a monkey with a vampire corporate Dick in his puppet-hole. ‘Cause that’s what America stands for: Good, down-home manipulation of the system to follow the flow of money.

That, and apple pie.


One comment

  1. At least from a legal-system standpoint, what we have Scooter on is perjury, obstruction of justice, and lying to the FBI (presumably when he wasn’t under oath, which is still illegal). In other words, he was convicted for making the investigation into the outing of Valarie Plame more complicated.

    The prosecutor was not able to get enough actionable evidence that anyone outed Plame, in part because of Scooter’s obstruction. So the argument for pardon is that since Scooter was not covering up any crime anyone was convicted for, he shouldn’t have to serve time for his lies and obstruction. Personally, I think that’s poppycock. But compared to a lot of other stuff that’s in process Scooter is small-fry.

    And yes, things are really bad when the outing of a CIA agent for political purposes is considered “small fry.”

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