shopping a la expose

June 17, 2007

“My shopping excursion displayed no results.”

This is a statement, should I have to report all my findings during any one of my few experiences buying things on a whim, that would appear quite frequently. Very often, I will wander into a department store, shoe store, music store, book store, and find absolutely nothing worth actually buying. Wait, that’s not really true. It’s usually that I can’t make up my damn mind.

Take yesterday as an example. I was strolling into Shoe Carnival, looking for shoes to replace the ones I have nearly destroyed. I have a habit of walking everywhere (yeah, I don’t get it either) and thus wear my shoes out quite quickly. During the last three years of college, I went through a pair of tennis shoes in 6 months continuously. So since the shoes I’m wearing have been around for almost a year, I think I’m due for a tire change. Shoe Carnival has lots of shoes that I’d really like to own. Most of them look pretty sharp. However, I’m always concerned that i’m gonna get some stylized shoe and its not gonna give me enough support, or its not gonna fit quite right, or be good for walking a couple miles every day.

Basically, I’m a worrier. I don’t like wasting my money, either. And I don’t like spending lots of money on shoes I’m not gonna want to wear. That too, would be equally dumb.

But I found these shoes that looked really nice. But I just couldn’t bring myself to buy them. That will be an easier decision next week when I actually have money. You have a payday coming up say HO-O! (HO-O!)

However, due to the gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond my aunt gave me, I was able to buy a CD called “Sleep Deeply.” It’s scientifically designed to put you to sleep. Not kidding. The info on the back states that it has been created to encourage the onset of delta brainwaves in the brain. I’d have to have the CD on me right now to give a fully explanation, but it had something to do with pairing two tones together and playing them just barely out of tune, so barely that a normal human ear could not perceive it.

Not that it took much last night because I’d been playing video games non-stop since 6 that day, but I did go right to sleep.

So my shopping venture wasn’t completely fruitless. Oh, and speaking for fruit, I enjoyed a nice glass of Mad Housewife Merlot last night and a single bottle of Woodchuck Pear Cider. Both were quite tasty.

All of this, to sum up, was in response to my doing well on my content exam yesterday. The last test I had to take in order to become a certified teacher. Now, I only lack my fingerprints.

I feel pretty confident about the test. It was very simple. Though it took me several moments to remember what Zydeco music was.


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  1. “And I don’t like spending lots of money on shoes I’m not gonna want to wear.” That’s why you spend just a few dollars on a bunch of shoes that you may or may not wear. Welcome to Payless!

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