pagan quill

June 12, 2007

There comes a time in every boy’s life where he must make the choices necessary to stand up for that which he believes. Sometimes, this is family and those you love. Sometimes, it is for a fair economic exchange between citizens. Sometimes, its even the right to not have tear gas thrown at you at a public rally.

While these things are valid and valuable ideals to uphold, I believe in something far more important:


Well, writing, in general, but you guys all knew that. I think its is vastly important that we record every feeling and proceeding in this world. We have left our oral traditions behind, so it falls to the writers, authors, poets, singers and that ilk to detail the events of this earth so that we might learn from those who have gone before.

However, my own ideologies also incorporate a globe-view and a nature sense that best aligns with those who call themselves Pagan. I, myself, am a Pagan, and proudly so. I’ve been Pagan since I was 14 and probably before that. It is a spiritual path involving reverence for nature and attention to those things going on in the brain and in the world that don’t always add up with the way nature seems to work.

That said, let me announce that Pagan Quill is up and running as of tonight. Props to C over at Indecisive Peach, who is my accomplice.

Pagan Quill is a virtual environment where the best Pagan writers from around the world can present the best of their works for the world to see. Sure, the paying market is a wonderful platform, and the authors who do well there are to be respected and supported. However, the everyday Joe that writes what’s on his or her brain on a blog or a website, just spouting their own truth, deserves to be noticed. It’s a barding circle for new times.

Please, if you hang out here at Eatsbugs, drop by and get an eyeful of great writing. If your a pagan, or have even the slightest pagan glint when we squint at you, feel free to submit your work at paganquill@gmail.com.

Don’t be a stranger. Blessings!



  1. Amen! This is going to be awesome!

  2. […] explains the project so well here. I’ll explain more […]

  3. I like it! I’m going to be a frequent flyer (and I’m getting ready to write a long post around “what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail” that you may want…)

  4. Hi Derek

    I hope you will also get involved with MetaPagan, which is a similar project.

    Also, I’ve added you to the blog listing on the Pagan Theologies wiki: http://pagantheologies.pbwiki.com/Pagan+blogs
    A reciprocal link would be appreciated.


  5. […] and design my own rpg. I want to start a podcast, write a novel, get really involved in the Pagan community, be really involved in a gaming community, open my own business, get two more degrees, travel the […]

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