def poetry jam

June 10, 2007

So I spent a good portion of my evening yesterday looking for videos on youtube that I thought were worth my time. I found a few. I’ve included them on the right, in the Def Poetry Jam page.

I don’t pretend to get them. I don’t pretend to understand everything they say, and its not because they aren’t clearly spoken. However, like everything else, there is a glint of truth for everyone in them, so I take that. Hopefully, you’ll find something in there for you. That’s why I put them there.




  1. Random question – ever been to a poetry slam? Kinda fun actually.

  2. No, but I do dream.

  3. They’d rock your socks off I’m sure.

    You’d probably jump in and after sparking some unpopular sentiment in the desperately emo crowd like, “Why don’t get you get a job/I’m a heathen, But you’re a slob” and I would have to publicly disown you as a friend, enabling me to somehow get both of us unscathed out of the gathering.

    *wistful* That would be great. Blog-worthy even.

  4. How come I have to curry unpopular sentiment? And why would I use that horrible of a rhyme?

  5. Because it’s my scenerio and because we’re drunk.

  6. Well, as long as its fair. *smile*

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