i can be brown, i can be blue

May 30, 2007

Everyone, this is Mika. Mika, everyone. Say hello, Mika.

Mika writes music, and has been projected to be the next Freddy Mercury or Elton John. This means three things: 1) He’s gay. Duh. Whatever. 2) He’s very creative and comfortable with a popular medium, aka pop rock a la retro-70/electric. 3) He’s gonna have a blast doing it. While Freddy Mercury and Elton John, and others of their ilk, didn’t necessarily get incredibly crazy with the “rock lifestyle” (though reportedly had their moments), they certainly didn’t mind living it up a little. Okay, Elton John did the drug thing. Whatever. Not my point.

The point is, this guy is pretty cool. His music is fun, its light and airy, even when its sad, and it ignited some tastes in me that I only occasionally get in my mouth.

I’ve never seen a Bette Davis, Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn or Joan Collins movie, but often I’ve wanted to. Something in me wants to explore that part of the gay culture established in the blah blah blah, insert documentary on gay lifestyles as influenced by the film industry of the 1920-40’s. But it would be fun, no?

Interesting enough, he actually makes an illusion to Freddie Mercury in his song “Gracy Kelly.”

Sounds like his are popping up all over my computer. I’ve downloaded much more techno and electric pop/indie pop in the last couple days than I normally do. It’s an estatic rush, where I run full force into my p2p and download anything and everything I can get my hands on, just to toss most of it away later. Unless I find a bad like The Slip.

Over time, I though that my music tastes were pretty eclectic. However, just because I have one Mahler tune stashed away in the darker bowels of my music folders next to the one tejano track and that one hip-hop song I kinda/sorta like doesn’t make me eclectic. It just makes me frivolously interested. That is the largest part of searching for music or anything else you like: being frivolous.

Yesterday, I purchased a copy of Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style and Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita on a whim (and with a gift certificate) in hopes that soon I’ll read them and have a blast doing it and getting all smart and stuff, and then I’ll be a better writer. That’s the hope. Of course, once they get here, they may take a long rest on my shelf where they collect dust next to the three volumes on herb gardening and use, and the three World of Darkness corebooks that I can’t seem to get through. Of course, they are quite lengthy. These books in particular would probably end up as nearly 600 pages apiece if reduced to unillustrated mass market paperbacks. And they’re rulebooks for games. Go figure.

In other news, since we’re being frivolous, I managed to squeeze out a poem yesterday. It needs editing, but then it goes up.

In more other news, big things are afoot. Stay tuned.


  1. Okay, so I’m not cut out for Rolling Stone…but one day, one day…

  2. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  3. Uh…sorry, wrong number, dude.

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