to rededicate

May 28, 2007

Often I am tempted to begin these posts with words like “so” or “and” or even just a simple jumpstart phrase:
“Just so you know…”
“It all began when…”
“Except for the time…”
But I digress before I begin.

I’ve been reading Dianne Sylvan’s The Body Sacred. It’s been a whim at first, but as I got into the first chapter, I suddenly was intensely driven to take it seriously, attempt the exercises that are given within. It’s been fairly intense. I’ve already had a couple moments or realization, a couple heavy emotion times. Last night, I trapsed into the park to have a good long talk with myself, try to figure out somethings. I could have stayed out there all night, had not biology required me to come home quickly, if you get me.

I’ve sorta abandoned my path for a while. I’ve been on this path for nearly ten years. I want to get back on it. I want to do things to make progress in that part of my life. It is difficult to do this. It takes time and energy that I thought were gone from me. Hopefully, they are not. I want to rededicate myself to a path that I’ve held sacred, if only in private or in silence.

I’m gonna start writing this ritual. Wish me luck.



  1. So I have this problem all the time…dammit.

    Good luck with this. *hug*

  2. Oh, Honey – LUCK!

  3. *hugs* I wish ya the best hun.

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