“my life in film” meme

May 22, 2007

So E over at Negative Forty did this meme while on Ambien, and I think he had a good time with it. Here is my more sober version.

Meme: My life in film, where you randomize your playlist and match it to the corresponding movie plot item. (Note of interest: I think this list is really about 15 moves in one.)

Rules: Only songs with titles, because I have a lot without titles. I’m a Pirate that way. No freebies.

Opening Credits: Swinging the Blues, by Count Basie (a simple big band chart, happy, full of energy. Imagine Gene Kelley)

Waking Up: Heaven (Candlelight Mix), by DJ Sammy (its the slow-dance, senior prom version of the same techno song that was stolen from either Bryan Adams or Don Henley)

First Day of School: War Pigs, by the Dresden Dolls (heavy acostic rock, with a twist of crazy)

Falling in Love: Mmbop, by Hansen (oh god, this is embarrassing)

Fight SongAkimbo, by Ani Difranco (its actually a poem. Here are the words: “What dreams cause me to abandon my pillow each night/Push away each of them, in fact, since there always seem to be more than one./Then wake to aching stiff neck twisted tits and face smashed against a mattress/legs and arms akimbo/ like the high pitched body of a jumper/ waiting for her chalk outline/finally at rest.” Odd, no? More like the scene after the fight, in which the fight was in dreams…)

Breaking Up: How Soon Is Now?, performed by T.A.T.U. (its about being human, and needing to be loved…)

Prom: It’s the Sun, by The Polyphonic Spree (apparently, my prom should have been done in the style of the Seventies spiritual renaissance and attended completely in robes of white. And outdoors. I’m thinking high choreography, folks.)

Life: The Flow, by Cellar Funk (its a simple quasi-techno funk beat instrumental wonder. It’s fun. There is scat singing!)

Mental Breakdown: Naked Again, by Bocardo: (acid techno, and I can totally see a psychotic break here. Can we say arhythmic introduction? How about voices in your head?)

Driving: An Cailin Deas Rua, by Gaelic Storm (an interesting folk tune done in Gaelic. I have no idea what they are saying, but its fun. I would totally drive to this, window down, wind in my hair.)

Flashback: No No No, by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (funny, no? I’m not sure what its about, other than maybe a ruined relationship that’s on the mend, or some man that’s gone away from life for a while)

Getting Back Together: Waltz No. 1 (Grand Waltz Brillante) Op. 18, by Fredrich Chopin (its light and fluffy, and apparently my getting back together takes place at a very expensive reception)

Wedding: Take Me Away (Into the Night), by 4 Strings (and off I’m whisked…)

Birth of Child: The Gate, by Enigma (You are welcome to take the more degenerate road here and think of all the dirty jokes you want. It’s very ethereal. Lots of numbers mentioned, and then an excerpt from Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana.” Ominous in its own right. Perhaps this child is the antichrist)

Final Battle: Starry-eyed Surprise, by Paul Oakenfield (Wow. I think this fight must be a spar, or an accident)

Death Scene: Too Long, by Daft Punk (*dies, minus pun*)

Funeral Song: Goodbye Earl, by the Dixie Chicks (’nuff said. *tear*)

End Credits: Passing Thus Alone, performed by Mediaeval Baebes (solo ballad, quite solemn, spoken in old english dialect. I don’t get it.)

My movie is screwed.



  1. Wow. You die in your own movie. That’s pretty messed up.

  2. I know! I know!

  3. The fun thing is trying to reason out this movie, and realize that it may make no sense at all, yet be pleasant to watch.

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