May 22, 2007

I just want to say how nice it is to just sit around with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time, have a margarita and talk about everything under the sun. Especially commune mentality. Thanks for the good weekend, C.

I will have everyone know that the other big highlight of this last weekend wasn’t watching all three matrix movies, back to back, no breaks. That was great fun, though.

No, it was the band banquet that I went to on Friday night. Okay, not technically the weekend, but who doesn’t start their weekend immediately after work on Friday, huh?

Said band banquet was full of free food! It was potluck, something I’m not used to for that sort of thing. When I was in high school we catered ours. However, for this school (where I was student teaching), they asked that each student bring enough food to feed themselves and four others. For some this meant bringing two trays of veggies. For others, it meant making four lasagnes. And for others still, it meant preparing nearly 200 quesadillas! 200! That’s a lot, of course.

They really let the kids make this banquet their own, which is pretty nice. They gave out a lot of awards, and each of the graduating seniors gets their own little “roast.” Granted, its not nearly as raunchy as those on TV, but the potential is there. Each senior received a gift or two. Without trying to explain the list, because the reasons are very sparse and very much full of insideness, I’ll show you a simple list of the gifts given.

Plush crayons
Energy drinks
Green beans
Water grenades
Mustard bottles
Bouncy balls
Smiley face pillows
Traffic cones
Crazy flip flops
Fuzzy scarfs
Disposable razors

*shakes head* High school kids…

Anyway, it was a great banquet, and I left very very full.

I want to thank whoever out there in the interweb searched for “Aaron Kennell.” I have a sneaking suspicion that it was the man himself. I see you, Kennell.



  1. Anytime. Thanks for the lift in sanity.

    I suppose I should thank the margarita for that too.

  2. The flip-flops, fuzzy scarf and tiara must make up quite the ensamble….!

  3. Actually, they do.

  4. Derek,

    I see you too.

    Good luck with J-O-B-S

    It was good to see you at the cookout. Thanks for the card

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