May 14, 2007

This Sunday, I plan to be meeting with a couple colleagues for coffee. The three of us took an online writing class this semester, and I found that I really liked their work and found them the most intellectually stimulating of the twenty or so students in that class. So, as the semester came to a close, I shot them an email asking them if they were up for coffee, and they both said yes.

Schedules were compared, times were considered, and we’ve opted for this weekend at…well, sometime.

The original intent of this meeting was to continue to compare our writings, as we all have done it with some frequency. Here I am thinking that all I really need to get things going upstairs is to be around more people who write with some semblance of discipline. My roommate and current group of friends do not count. Here is why:

One has a number of stories that runs around in his head, yet only writes on legal pad, and is more concerned with creating the system in his world than telling any actual story. He’s worked out a fairly elaborate history and mythology for his fictional world, yet it is not complete, so he will not undertake any real story until it is.

Another is in a similar predicament, yet she is even more concerned that the drawings she has of all the creatures of the world are not up to par, and might be dashed by trying to describe them. Also, she’s forced herself into busy-bodiness, and has no time for such frivolous things.

The third has only mentioned writing with any seriousness when he decided he would solve all his financial woes by writing the great American fantasy novel. I’m not kidding.

So, I need to take the steps necessary to be the positively moving writer that I want to be. Yet, so far, I’ve done little to nothing to create any sort of discipline for myself. Perhaps this is because I am just finishing school and need the mental break (though I’m convinced there is no such thing) or maybe I’m just lazy. However, in the meantime, I’m busying myself with little projects that I hope will either stimulate my progress, or will expose me to enough wonderful artworks that I will feel compelled to join them.

And I have to note that I have been posting quite a bit more eloquent and concise writings here, so perhaps, I am doing far better than I imagine I am. Let’s go with that.

Regardless of my complaining or my lack of progress in my writing, I will post after this one a revision of one of my previous stories, and I hope you like it.

One comment

  1. Discipline is overrated.

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