May 5, 2007

The weekend I was at my grandparents’ (for the funeral), I discovered something that I suppose I already knew: Old people can’t just tell a story once. Oh no, its just not possible. In fact, it is reasonable to assume that I heard one story about five times in one day. It went something like this…

“Miss Anise was over here, she brought us some hot rolls. And those hot rolls are pretty tasty, let me tell you. Anyway, she’s talking to Johnny, and he offers to walk Miss Anise out to the car. Well, she just won’t have it. ‘I don’t need your help,’ she says. Johnny just tells her, ‘I know you don’t, I’m just gonna walk out to your car with you.’ ‘Well, I don’t need your help.’ ‘I know, I’m just gonna walk ya out.'” *insert chuckling*

Interesting, right?
Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

That’s not even the worst of it, because when said story gets brought up in conversation, there is the first knowing glance between people who’ve heard the story and the hearty laugh as everyone thinks the punchline. Then comes the story, then the punchline. Then there is some obligatory need to retell the punchline at least twice more! Twice! Can we say unnecessary?

So, it was into town for me, because that was not the only example of such innane banter. I did my typical wandering of bookstores, and the trip to a couple knick-knack, Pier 1 type stores, and then there was the ride home.

I’m driving around the business loop, and I pass the science spectrum, which I haven’t been to in forever. It’s been years and years. My child-like side decides to make the long winding exit and reloop to get to the other side of the highway, and back to the science spectrum. It was about 4.30 at this point, and the actual science museum closed at 6, and I wanted to see an IMAX movie. So I paid my $10, and got a pass for both the museum and the IMAX with the idea that even if I don’t get to see the museum, I’ve donated four bucks to an organization that is probably severely under attended given its availability to the public.

So the IMAX was called “The Alps.” It tells the story of a man who has decided to climb the northern face of The Eiger in Switzerland. His father attempted to climb the mountain when the main character was but a boy, but fell to a horrible death when he made a single wrong move. So, the man has decided it is his mission to conquer this mountain, finishing what he father started.

The film is mildly educational, but mostly it is the story of this man’s triumph over the Eiger, and how it affects his family (so some extent). Not a bad film.

The biggest advantage to seeing an IMAX is always the feeling of flight you experience. The twisting of the camera around sharp bends to reveal giant crags. The steep dips taken, and you feel like you are falling. It’s always a bit breath-taking. And I’m usually just a little worried that I’m gonna stand up after its over and fall three rows down from utter disorientation. Luckily, I didn’t.


  1. Those IMAX theatres are pretty cool, huh? I really enjoy the feelings you describe when I’m sitting in a fixed seat; we’ve been on a couple of “rides” in places like Disney where the seat (and sometimes, the entire theatre) moves, and I always – always – walk out of them feeling sick. It’s the kind of sick that takes a few hours to go away, too, thereby wrecking the better part of a vacation day. Fixed seat movies don’t do that to me, though.

  2. Hey! You get sick like that too! Oh man, I thought I was the only one ever. This is why I can’t do amusement parks, because any ride I go on will ruin me with motion sickness for the day.

  3. This makes me want to go back to the science spectrum. It’s been years. And that makes me sad.

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