May 3, 2007

To lighten the mood over the last couple weeks, I’m drinking wine. And now I’m going to tell you about it.

It is a 2004 Sangiovese from Di Majo Norante Vineyard. It is a rich maroon, the color of crushed raspberries. It has a gentle aroma, though it is meaty and luscious in that subtlety. Something of musky dark berries. Perhaps something even leathery about it. It starts subtle, finishes strong, and its tannins leave the mouth pleasantly dry. It is spicy, almost floral in flavor. I think I rather like this wine. It reminds me of pinot noir in its texture and overall flavor.

This is the wine I was wanting to get. I’m glad I got it.

According to Beagle Bay Books, there were up to eighty pirates per ship. In contrast, most English ships had only thirty men. Work was evenly distributed among the pirate crew, and so jobs got done faster with less strain than on traditional colonial ships. Many considered a berth on a pirate ship easy pay for little work.

And now, something completely different*:

*Monty Python. Enjoy.



  1. D’er she blows!

  2. Have a glass or two for me, k? I bought your nipples. They will be in the mail next week! You’ll have a dozen mini chocolate boobies to play with 😛


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