exhaustion, now with splenda

May 2, 2007

The following is a review of my list of things to do before my student teaching is done:

UIL contest for 5 bands
Greater Southwest contest for 4 bands
Day-out trips for 180 sixth graders
A solo contest for 7th and 8th, about 70 students
Another solo contest for 180 sixt graders. Most of which are playing the same song.
A trip to Corpus Christi for 4 days with high school kids on which there is a day with 11 hours of free time.
Auditions at the Junior High for bands for the following year.
Auditions at the Intermediate school for bands for next year.
Drum major tryouts
Colorguard tryouts
Drill Instructor Tryouts
Drumline Tryouts
Planning for summer camps
Planning for marching season
A spring concert for 6 bands
Collecting school-owned, student-borrowed instruments
Collecting other equipment
Organizing the entire school cluster’s library (about 10 3-drawer cabinets)
Me getting observed several more times
Me conducting something on the spring concert

As you’ll notice, a few things have been striked out. That’s because they are done, of course. I’ve finished some of them. Three more of them will be removed by the end of the week. And to be honest, I won’t have to really even do about five of them. So really, the load is a lot lighter. And, if you consider that next week I have GRADUATION. From COLLEGE. Then it’s easy to see how I can still be pretty stressed out. Yes, soon, I’ll be joining the ranks of the graciously unemployed, yet again, where I will hold the rank of lesser poo-bah until I can find a school that’s willing to hire me.

Actually, let’s discuss that, because it’s bugging me.

You see, we have this little thing called No Child Left Behind (or more lovingly called “no child left standing) in which school districts all over the country are required to hire teachers that are considered Highly Qualified. For me, this means that I have to wait until June, when I take my final test (and hopefully final requirement altogether) for my certification. The problem is, I probably won’t be considered “certified” until mid July, and thus, I have to wait about 3 months longer than I want to be considered “highly qualified.” I’m truely worried that by the time I get my certification, all the school districts with any kind of a reasonable work and learning atmosphere and with any decent band programs will be completely hired up, and I’ll stuck out in the cold. (Also, here is some more info/opinion about NCLB: Various Ecstacies)

I’ve been reassured by a couple teachers not to worry because of all the schools that end up hiring right into the middle of September. They also say these places won’t be ideal. Well, not to be picky, but I don’t want a job that I’m gonna hate anyway, or a job that might make me want to never be a band director. That would completely destroy all the work I’ve done and all the experience I’ve gained this semester, not to mention the 5 years of schooling that I’ve received (or endured, your pick).

So, to add to the exhaustion, despite my constant marking off of things, I still have to worry about whether or not I’m gonna be seriously unemployed with my little dinky piece of paper come August. I’ll be plain mad, and you can guaren-damn-tee that I’m not gonna wait around for some school to beg me to teach there. In fact, I’m bothered by the idea that my not getting hired might keep me from ever pursuing a job in this field. After years of complaining and complaining about why I don’t want to be a band director, or simply that I don’t and everyone can shove it, I finally want to do this, for reals.

So, as I sit here, constantly reminded about how stressed I am by the ever increasing tension in my left shoulder, I think about that list up there, think about adding a couple more things, and wish I had a big ole bottle of wine to slug down. Maybe I need to put that on my list…



  1. And you talking about wine made me think of the yummy Eis Wine here which lead me to grr at myself for being down town yesterday and not buying you the Venus Nipples I promised. I will get them to you…Eva and I were just a lil’ brain dead yesterday.

    Anyway, back on topic, I’ll be prayin’ for ya hun. 🙂 Don’t let one place ruin your dreams. I’ve done that twice now. There is no “perfect” place to work. You kinda gotta start with the scum first and eventually you’ll work your way to the sunlight. Stinky I know, but it’s a requirement…so it seems.


  2. Wine! Woo, Woo!

    Also, what am I saying – GRAD SCHOOL. Perfect escape from the realities of the real world.

    But I’m glad you want to teach, but give yourself some time. Things don’t happen overnight.

  3. Don’t forget, either, that most schools are very well aware of the certification nightmares that most teachers are having to contend with these days and will hire you, if they like you enough, with the contingent that you get yourself certified within a certain time frame. Don’t worry about it. Go interviewing as if you already have all your certification ducks in a row. You won’t lose a job because you can’t take your final test until July.

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