gamer quirks

April 29, 2007

Today is humility day. A fine day where all the smiling and happy people of the world, from all walks of life, join hands and lay down the sad sad facts of their lives so that no one else may have the opportunity of puncturing the growing globiod of their skulls. I perused my links and took a trip back to The Dragon’s Landing Inn, which I’ve not been to in a while, and took myself to this list. It simply lists some general qualifiers of different sub-culture-like group. Let the humbling begin:

1. You alternate between referring to your characters in the first and the third person. (Actually, I never use the third person)
2. When someone says “The blue books,” you don’t automatically picture the kind that they give you during a college final exam.
3. You have more than one photocopied bootleg of a gaming text. (I have .pdf formatted copies of the World of Darkness Corebook, Vampire: the Requiem Rulebook, Werewolf: the Forsaken, and Mage: the Awakening…and also own hard copies of each…that I purchased after I got the .pdfs.)
4. You’ve ever tried to explain gaming to a school counselor, parent, or other PW/OC (Person With/Out Clue).
5. You bring your dicebag even to diceless roleplaying events. (Took my dicebag to my grandparents house in the event that I might get to role up a character or two.)
6. Your friend(s) who does not game feels very left out of all of your conversations.
7. You’ve been gaming for more than half of your life. (Give me three years.)
8. You and your friends have spent a screening of “The Crow” assigning vampire clans to the various characters. (It was really “Underworld,” “Buffy,” “Interview with a Vampire,” “Queen of the Damned,” “The Covenant,” and a number of other supernatural movies. And it wasn’t just for vampires.)
9. You have a dozen things in mind for when you come across a magic lamp. (I get bored.)
10. You’ve looked into how much it would cost to build a castle.
11. The only reason you want a lake cabin is so you and the gang can go up there and play non-stop all weekend without any distractions. (I know people who live like this. I envy them.)
12. You’ve ever found yourself associating with people who you’d otherwise avoid in public – because they were Gamers.
13. You know game rules so well, the group doesn’t use ’em any more, they use you. (This is really for my roommate. After two sessions of him correcting everything I said that came from a rule book, I just started to defer all my questions to him. He hasn’t minded as of yet, and it’s made things much smoother in-game.)
14. You ever started a character as evil. (More often than good, I’m proud to say…I mean ashamed, Ashamed!)
15. You actually enjoy being the GM.

I feel better now.

Now, I would say that I know I’m not gonna get laid for five years, but I know more gamers who have spouses and multiple kids than I know un-gamers. Okay, that’s exaggerated, but gamers have sex too, dammit, and that’s okay by me.


One comment

  1. Darn right gamers have sex! That’s how wee lil’ gamers are made! hehe.

    For the female gamers it’s best to find a male gamer online, otherwise the guys in a gaming store just drool…and drool some more. Then they lose all ability to speak.

    Gaming with no distractions, I wish! The group I’m with mostly all have kids or have kids on the way so we’re constantly co-parenting while fighting off the icky nasties. Or the toddler loves to steal dice. Isn’t that one rule, never touch another gamer’s dice? hehe.


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