weather contingency plan

April 13, 2007

After diving headlong into a drink that tastes like mouthwash, I discovered how long it had been since I’d drank anything at all. Two drinks, one of which was mostly sugar, and I’m gone. Well, not gone per se, but gone enough to denote a drunk blogging.

I’m in Stillwater, Oklahoma (where the wind goes sweeping down the plain), and its supposed to rain tomorrow. Right in the middle of District Convention. This would be the district convention for Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma. Hopefully, despite the weather, we can make it into something fun.

Irony: last year, when we were trying to decide who was going to host the convention (of which there was only one bid), someone asked the question: what will you do in case of bad weather? Do you have a weather contingency plan? Well, we didn’t anticipate anything actually happening, but it looks like it could even snow on Saturday. Suck, yes? So, in light of the obvious antagonism that had seemed to efferevesce from that one guy that one day, we do indeed have a weather contingency plan. Go Alpha chapters.


One comment

  1. You. Me. Drinks. Computer. This is something we need to do again.

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