poem 2

April 3, 2007

We traced our footsteps,
Traced them back into caverns,
   into fields
   old temples
   where hearts were severed from bodies.
Places where the medicine man was king.
Ruling with his feet in both worlds–
   that of man
   that of spirits
Though rarely, we hope,
   he was no tyrannt.

We explored painted caves
   for signs of awakening
We looked for Mabon stalks,
   old, half-burned candles,
Anything to resurrect the idea of
   a Dying God.

We were hunting for the mighty,
   the patient
Hoping He would rebirth Himself
   after so many years

Re-engender His role,
   take back the fields,
   take back His throne.

We found swords and spears,
   and took them up
   sharpening them
And prepared to fight, to defend.

We found old medicines,
   and signs of the woman.
And so we took up Her banners, too
Ready to defent the old ones.

Ready to fight
   as spring warriors.


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