planning, practice, pounding

April 2, 2007

8.30, and I’m up. Later than normal, though I’m still vastly tired. No worries, though. I’ve bought vitamins today. B-complex with Vitamin C. And I always feel healthier when I say it with a short i. Try it. Vitamin.

Anyway, back to the story.

Today was job fair day. I wanted around for two hours pumping hands and smiling at dumb jokes, talking to people who I’m sure if they can offer me anything at all. I was accosted by a principal from Ft. Stockton, and asked to move to Ft. Stockton that afternoon. Jokingly, of course (weak smile).

I was also informed by a couple schools that I needed to apply for a job in the next 48 hours if I wanted serious consideration. Scary, no?

However, I also got to meet a very nice lady from the Aldine school district, who made things seems very attractive. I’d work there, I think. And Irving and Denton and Plano all seemed pretty nice. I’d work there too, I think. Lots of thinking, basically.

What lesson have I learned today? That doing all this greeting and talking-to is very tiring. And then I had to return to school today to teach the little-ones for 4 more hours. Endurance? Well, I’m getting there.

In the midst of all of this, I’m learning about preparing for things further in advance than normal. It’s really hard to prepare 75 junior-high kids for a contest when you only pick the music a month ahead of time. I mean, i guess some bands do it, but this isn’t going to work for these kids. They need time, and temperance. They can’t be rushed. Which is exactly what they’ve had to deal with. The shaky way that the junior high directors handled getting ready for contest makes even me nervous. My directors always had everything ready months in advance. But, c’est la vie. What can I do, other than live and learn?

What else is going on? Well, I’m trying to get back into daily spirituality of some nature. It is difficult for me, since I’ve been so shaky about it in the last year or so. However, when I listened to Deo’s Shadowthe other day, I came to the sudden realization that what I’d been focusing on had nothing to do with the actual point. Here I was getting all caught up in magick vs. science, when really I should have been focusing on what good it would do me to be communing with something higher than me, regardless of its validity or how well it goes along with x theorem.

So, a couple nights ago, I sat down, played a little pipe, played some drums, and stopped when the downstairs neighbors got mad and pounded on the ceiling. I presume with a broomstick, but that’s just speculation.

Also, and I’d be willing to take this challenge with me, but I want to try and write a poem a day for 100 days. I’ll try to post them here.

Anyone else up to it?

P.S.–I just now noticed that I’ve got 21 feed readers. Thanks! I’m sorry I didn’t notice you before, but I’m glad you’re here! Don’t be a stranger, drop me a comment! At least say hi!


One comment

  1. AL YU MIN E UM.


    “when really I should have been focusing on what good it would do me to be communing with something higher than me, regardless of its validity or how well it goes along with x theorem”

    Phew, yes. Just…yes.

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