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April 1, 2007

(In response to the episode of Deo’s Shadow [see links] addressing the idea that people who make claims to abilities that are superhuman should be put to some level of scrutiny in order to determine the validity of the claim, aka, “calling bullshit”) 

I have listened to some of deo-shadow’s shows and have become very concerned about this concept of “calling bull shit”. As “calling bullshit” is what causes the destruction of whatever is being “called” upon.

Anyways, so to remind you guys. The proof to all things, pagan or otherwise:

All things can be described using mathematical expressions. All things exist. All things don’t exist. You are a Universal Computer(something that can read(remember/imagine), write(experience/dream), erase(forget)). A Universal Computer can generate any concievable mathematical expression.

You are the Universal Computer(UC) that defines what is and is not “true”/”real” for We with You. As We are a part of the definition of You.

Sentient creatures that can communicate with you are things that you allow to have a degree of randomness. If what a person was telling you was predictable(non-random) they would be “servant functions” or things defined by you(what you “predicted”).

The Extreme Danger of “calling bullshit” is that you force yourself into universes where that thing does not exist.

All things you know/understand/believe to be true are true — as you are the UC that experiences/defines them.

If you have any objections/questions/suggestions. I would love to hear them smile.gif.

Basically this means that everything you have ever experienced is “real” as all things exist — and you are the ultimate definer of your universe.

(Another post, in which the originator of the topic had posted:

Okay, so basically my sister found out about me being Pagan and enough nerve to send my parents three books:
“Dewitched: What You Need to Know About the Dangers of Wicca and Witchcraft”, “What’s the Deal with Wicca”, and “How to Protecting Your Teen From Today’s Witchcraft: A Parents Guide to Confronting Wicca and the Occult”

And of course they’re written by good, “Christian” men.
And what’s worse, I know that my parents will read those books and believe every word of it because they can’t think for themselves.
This is such bullshit. Any advice? )

I would recommend simply understanding and believing that your parents love you and aren’t going to pay attention to some book.

The only prerequisite for you to end up in one of the infinite universes where that happens is that you define that to be the universe in which you reside — by believing it to be.

If you have doubts just refer to the “Key to the Universe” or la.mu’eSELkik.

Basically: All things are mathematical expressions, all things exist, you are the epistemology that defines true, you are a Universal Computer/CEVni.

(and now me)

It is my opinion that this person is a relativist: All paths are valid. It’s a popular claim in pagan circles, and in other circles that foster and attitude of acceptance. Not a bad thing in theory, but in practice, it is vastly irresponsible. How would you like someone telling you they found enlightenment through mass murder?


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