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April 1, 2007

(As hijacked from Schmutzie over at “Milk Money or Not…”)


  • Favorite Color: sky blue/sunset orange 
  • Favorite Food: I have a certain pension for this Hungarian dish with homemade pasta and sauteed cabbage and onion. It’s delightful! 
  • Favorite Month: Either July or May.
  • Favorite Song: “Water Night” by Eric Whitacre. 
  • Favorite Movie: Right now, it’s a tie between Serenity (for its ability to entertain me multiple times in a row) and Shortbus (for its ability to rearrange my brain immediately).
  • Favorite Sport: Marching Band. Yes, its a sport. 
  • Favorite Season: Spring!
  • Favorite Day of the week: Friday.
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate with brownies. 
  • Favorite Time of Day: Dinner.

  • Current Mood: Floating.
  • Current Taste: Bubbly and sweet.
  • Current Clothes: My coffee-cup sleep pants and the only piece of anything I own with an American flag on it. I bought it for colorguard back in my sophomore year of college, and keep it around because it’s good for lounging. 
  • Current Desktop: A lovely vision of a ferned, green forest floor. 
  • Current Toenail Color: uh…traditional flesh tones… 
  • Current Time: 2:01 pm.
  • Current Surroundings: Mein living quarters, aka, the bedroom. 
  • Current Thoughts: Food, shower, real clothing, finishing my short story today, meeting at 9pm, getting ready for job fair tomorrow.
  • 8 FIRSTS

  • First Best Friend: Shelly. she was several years older than me and she lived in a simple white house with a black iron grate over the door. She had pretty hair.
  • First Kiss: A girl two years younger than me in the top of a tractor tire that had been strategically buried in the playground. A good place for hiding. It was a dare. We used tongue. I was 8. 
  • First Screen Name: ooh, to reveal the secret…. 
  • First Pet: A golden retriever named Princess Diana, or simply Di. She was the best doggie in the whole world and I miss her still.  
  • First Piercing: None, thus far.
  • First Crush: Joseth Savage, a boy I used to run around with when I was quite little.
  • First CD: Ace of Base’s “The Bridge”.
  • 7 LASTS

  • Last Cigarette: A couple years ago, probably at a party where I was unbelievably wasted.
  • Last Drink: Last night, the last draught of my Yellow Tail Chardonnay.
  • Last Car Ride: Yesterday, with Adam and his brother. 
  • Last Kiss: During spring break, when I was at the bar with Nick. 
  • Last Movie Seen: “TMNT”.
  • Last Phone Call: I talked to this guy named Chris who lives in another town, but it was quite brief.
  • Last CD Played: Enya’s “Amarantine” as I drifted off to sleep last night.

  • Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends: Yes, but we broke up to explore, uh…various dating ventures.
  • Have You Ever Broken the Law: Underage drinking, speeding. Otherwise, I’m a perfect boy scout.
  • Have You Ever Been Arrested: No.
  • Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Yes, but I was in my tweens.
  • Have You Ever Been on TV: No, but one dreams.
  • Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn’t Know: I once kissed a girl named Brandy when I was feeling more than friendly. I know I went to school with here, but that’s where the “knowing” stops.
  • 5 THINGS

  • Thing You’re Wearing: Other than what’s listed, I have on glasses.
  • Things You’ve Done Today: I’ve typed a very frustrated forum post, listened to a podcast, had two pop-tarts, and thought a lot about what I’m gonna do after this meme. 
  • Things You Can Hear Right Now: The whir of my computer, my keys clicking, and a dog in the distance. One of many who may soon die by my hands if they do not shut up. 
  • Thing You Can’t Live Without: Sunlight. I think I’d go crazy very quickly if ever isolated in a bunker due to military invasion or becoming a career writer.
  • Thing You Do When You’re Bored: I don’t really get bored because I find ways to occupy myself. Perhaps I ended up in some stupid chat room trying to find some semblance of intelligence.

    The bathroom.
    The kitchen.
    Deo’s Shadow Forums.
    YouTube (I know, I know).


  • The Peach.
  • S. 
  • Dr. Krause.

  • Black or White: Well, it’s obviously black. Black can be dyed back to its original shade without destroying the fabric. Black keeps you warmer. Black doesn’t show dirt as badly. Black is slimming. (not my answer, but it works well enough.)
  • Hot or Cold: I’d rather have cold. Cold means hot cocoa and heaters, cold means cuddling.

  • Open an herb store.
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