xbox: the tasting

March 27, 2007

It began with sounds that mimicked machine gun fire, cartoonishly spliced into some soundtrack, some filter. Then, the wracking tremors and shaking of the whole console, the deep whirring, the full-throated grunting from the machine. My attention was fully attached to deciphering these sounds to determine the problem. And as I tried to save my precious training progress, I found myself stuck between the reality of the game and the meta-mechanical functions of the program, frozen in time by a glitch, an anomaly.

This is pain, this is shuddering. My precious disc is beginning to show signs of the same munchings that J’s console delivered to him. I don’t want to lose this one. I don’t want to fight the separation anxieties. I don’t want to search in my heart for the replacement. Will a simply toothpaste rub fix these damages? Will turning the console on its side ease its tempers? What brought on this belly-aching? 

My entertainment needs, my desire to feel relaxed and challenged simultaneously are being threatened by an unknown beast. This terrorist is invisible. This monster is hiding in a brand new closet. 



  1. I think my J would vote for the turning of the console on its side. He had to do that with his PS2.

  2. I will give this a shot. I didn’t think it would matter. It’s worked so well so far. *le sigh*

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