the makings of childhood

March 24, 2007

I bumbled around on the playgroud last night. I bumbled around, nearly hurting myself, jumping from tall things, making diving rolls under wide rope nets, trying to avoid a state of “it.”

This morning, I wake up stiff, feeling older yet more vivacious than in days before. A wonderful way to wrap up the week.

Do yourself a favor this spring. Go outside.

And in my search of a revisited childhood, I have to consider the other things that have come to be part of this state in the recent decade. Many times, it seems, the kids in today’s society are so bogged down with extracurricular activies that they have no time to still be kids. Sure, the idea is that if we give them plenty to do, they will stay out of trouble. The problem with this comes from those kids who naturally aren’t interested in doing anything with a given focus. Those that want to do soccer, football, band, dance team, or city league volleyball are already doing them, and aren’t going to get in that sort of trouble anyway.

Also, add to this any sort of cultural pressure that arises that might dissuade someone from joining a club or team, but instead encourages them to help take care of the home, or take care of the family, or better still, nothing at all. At least the kid is passing school, they might say, which is sometimes not true either.

I’m not going very far with this. Basically, I think that the wrong kids are being overworked. The “good ones” need to relax a little so they don’t burn out. The “not good ones” need to wake up and do something so they don’t get in trouble, or wake up in twenty years and realize they haven’t done anything with themselves.

In the meantime, they should all go swing on something.



  1. I can’t swing anymore. It makes me ill. I think that something in my inner ear has firmed and I am now an official adult.

    I went from a relaxed teenager to a burned out college grad. Boo.

  2. I’d hop on a swing now if it weren’t for the nausea. You betcha when I have this kiddo though that I will plop them in my lap and swing away.

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