March 21, 2007

There I sat, in my car, dodging orange cones on my way to buy a soda at the local convenience store, listening to political commentary on NPR, half awake, half dead, half trying to get a hold of myself as the day has come to a close, and there it was.

The large mass of white, the column of cloud. It was a wall and a podium for the new season. The turn of the wheel stepped forth onto its bulking shoulders, rested a warm growing hand on either side of the masthead and uttered an initiation: “Today, the green will burst forth from the Earth, and all faces will be happy at the sight. Let the wind blow hard to sweep away the dust and mud of a wet and toady winter. Raise your eyes to me and sing a song that will engender me, make me whole. I am King!”

And the white poured down into a funnel, pure as the snow it banished, wisping away into nothing while the shadow of the clouds underbelly faded to the dark blue of oncoming rain. The sky was pure, pale in a youthful glow, and the sun seemed only to bow to the glad tidings that were arising from the west and south.

It was almost as if I could hear the laughing of children as I tried to keep my balance while pumping gas. A playful push and a spinning game that reminded me of why I love this time of year.

The King has returned, young though he is. Today is a beautiful day, and it is the first day of spring. Happy Oestara!



  1. It’s hard to see rebirth and renewal when you’re not surrounded by it.

  2. Hehe, our first day of spring we had snow. Snow! But now we have the rain. It was rather freakish seeing cherry blossoms one day and snow blanketing everything the next.

    But seriously, I do love how you are writing these days. Poetic. 🙂

  3. Thanks, J.
    And, I understand C. But I bet if you wandered out into the middle of the actual desert you might find some fun things.

  4. It’s not so much in nature to which I am looking and influenced, but at the humanity that surrounds me.

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