Letter to Beta Delta

March 15, 2007

Dear Beta Delta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi at Sam Houston State University:

First, I must say there is nothing better than sharing fried foods over somewhat innuendous conversation and wonderfully delightful kids’ jokes. And to boot, I have discovered that I like fried pickles. Who knew?! And though we weren’t able to have a margarita at 10pm, and though we weren’t able to really enjoy the bar we were sitting in (out of respect for each other and for the fraternity), I had a great time that night.

And the next day, when I totally felt like I was winging it through the workshop sessions, where I talked on and on about a subject I knew little to nothing about. The same subject I said I’d get out of your way, its your workshop. Yeah, thanks for being there to make that happen. I had a great time doing it, and I felt like I really knew something that someone else needed to hear.

You guys provided me with a great opportunity to shine as an officer in the fraternity, whether you realize it or not. Paula, Mandi, you in particular were amazing.

Thanks for the hotel room, thanks for the rides back and forth from the airport. Erin, I swear I’ve seen you before, though I can’t place it. Chase, thanks for letting me sleep in your car. Thanks to both of you for giving up your gas to me.

To say you all rock would be trite and understating. Instead, I will say:



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