Col. Bonner

March 13, 2007

I am afraid of this man.

This is Col. Alan Bonner (Ret.), the Executive Director for Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma. He was once the director of the Air Force Band. He has been a clinician for the band where I teach, and he’s generally a nice guy, very approachable. I’ve worked the KKY/TBS booth with him at TMEA.

He has also corrected me that there is no airport in Stillwater, OK. And he’s given word to me not to speak poorly of Donald Grantham, as Mr. Grantham was in his trumpet section at one time.

For these last two reasons that I am terrified of him. I find myself talking too fast, mumbling, mushing words together. Generally, I look like a mess when I talk to him. And here’s the kicker: I want him to be my boss. I want to be the National Chapter Field Representative, so that means I have to go through an interview process with him. I’d actually have to face this beast and be honest, clearly spoken, and not feel like I’m about to fall apart like the Scarecrow.

Lucky for me, he’s a lot nicer than even I am giving him credit for. I’ve had lunch with him, in a group though, and he’s very pleasant, and very down to earth. He’s kind. And look at those cheeks! Totally pinchable!

Here’s to Col. Bonner. May this fear really be deep respect, as I suspect it is.



  1. Since this is the first (I think) real life human picture on your site, I wonder how many people are going to inadvertantly think at first that you are a 45-50 year-old-man.


  2. P.S. You can do it!

  3. *hugs* Hun, I believe in you. You can do this. Sure you might have butterflies during the interview, but let them fly about, keep the smile from them ticklin’ your insides and be yourself. Just think, he’s a person too. Don’t think of what all he’s done, who he’s worked with, think of who he is as a person.

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