vents 21707

February 26, 2007

In the city,
   down by the river
Up shoots hot air,
   bottled air,
Canned deep in the veins
   of commerce and industry
Deep in the tunnels that lead to
   sweat glands that lead to
Tongues, and mouths
   that feast on smaller creatures
Those microbes that skitter
   all over its paved body.

These are the vents,
   the hot vents
That blow the city around
Scattering us about like trash
Blowing us into each other
   into buildings
   into coffee shops
   natives & travelers alike.

Blowing us around,
   where I am blown
   into the throngs
Into the masses, all of us
   eager and angry
   to stay or go.
Each of us fit for traveling again
I am certainly one of them.

Now I am on the road
   and I hope it will
Lead me home.
I hope my time was well spent

For fear of leaving here
For fear of returning home

I hope to go home
   to replicate my experience
I hope to go home
   to be blown around.


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  1. yaaayyyy!

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