February 21, 2007


Still no internet! The apartment manager told me that we are waiting for his boss’s credit to go through before Suddenlink would be willing to do the job. We would be free to purchase our own stuff for the time, and it would switch over to said boss’s name when the credit was approved.

My retort? We’d still have to pay in advance. I asked him if we could get a reduction in rent until it was taken care of if we took care of it ourselves. He said he’d look into it. Probably won’t…

Anyway, as convenient as it would be, I suppose it’s not the most important thing right now. Usually, when I come home from school, I just plop down in front of the xbox for a few hours, then go to the library, then to bed. Nothing special.

In other news, Adam, Regina and I had a discussion about old men staring at the HS cross-country team as they ran around a city park. My position? I know I’d be watching them, unethical as it may be. They are all very nice looking young men, and everyone likes eye-candy. I tried to explain that to them, but they still thought it was gross. Silly people and their ethics. Ever’budy gots tuh get some!


  1. The health club, where I work, has an aerobic studio with a wall of windows that looks out over the pool. There’s an old man who loves to put himself right in the hot tub to watch the morning strength training class. The women in the class are heebed out by it (he really is kind of creepy – his towel sports a design of colorfully thonged bottoms), but agree that he’s harmless. Besdes, they’re all taking strength classes and he’s poaching in the hot tub – any one of them could TOTALLY take him down if he tried anything untoward.

  2. awwww… i miss your poetry

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