my absence at detail

February 18, 2007

For the dedicated readers, i want you to know that I haven’t completely forgotten about this blog. I have, however, been completely immersed in a world with limited internet access and limited time to remedy the situation.

Essentially, here’s the deal. I moved in a new apartment, and the manager promised us free internet and cable on February 3rd. Well, that day rolled around and it didn’t happen. And it still hasn’t happened. Supposedly, the cable company would have to rewire the whole complex to get what we were promised. This is bunk because there are tenants who have internet and the manager even has it.

The manager told us that we just need to get it ourselves if its that important to us. This, I cannot handle, because he promised us free stuff, and we’d have to pay for it otherwise. So the plan is to demand a discount in the rent until he can take care of it. I’m worried, I guess.

In the mean time, I’ve come to the library to handle all internet business, which is getting harder. I’m about to have weekly online meetings with my frat, plus submitting class work, and checking email and taking care of job hunting things. All in all, its pretty frustrating. My roommate just bought an insanely expensive Alienware compy so he could play his MMO’s without the serious lags of his previous computer, and so far he’s not even been able to check email at home. It’s dumb.

Granted, I know there are people out there with no internet, and people with no food. I shouldn’t complain about not being able to access every little piece of info that I want to, because there are people who don’t have even a rudimentary education. However, it is inconvenient to have your luxuries taken away.

To be sure, this is proving I’m not addicted to the internet.



  1. Yes, yes. Starving children in Ethiopia…

    But we miss you! Just know that.

  2. I would be going OUT of my MIND. I use the internet for many, many things, not the least of which is keeping in touch with far-flung friends. We DO miss you, and I understand the inconveniences you’re enduring.

    Good luck with the landlord – keep us posted (and remember that you can go to places like Starbucks and Panera to get wifi. We’ve even been known to drive around with the computer open, looking to piggy-back on other wifi networks while we’re on vacation. There are a lot of people who don’t password-protect their wireless…)

  3. Did the landlord have that promise in writing? If not it will be very difficult to get him to comply. I do hope it works out for you.

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