February 1, 2007

Tomorrow, I make the arduous trip to Marshall, TX. Weather looks a little trecherous, but drivable. I will be constantly awake from 6:30 that morning until probably well after midnight. I’m gonna try and fight that as much as I can because I’ll turn around and make the same 8 hour drive back on Sunday, hopefully in time for the Imbolc celebration in town.

And, by the looks of it, I might get to sleep on someone’s dorm floor. Not an experience I was expecting, but it will complete my college life, I suppose. Besides, my back could use it after driving 8 hours, compounded with the crappy alignment I currently maintain. After February, it will be time to find a chiropractor or just cut the damn thing out.

Also, on the manic-aggressive front, I have still not completeed unpacking. I know, I know, most people don’t fully unpack from a move until a good 6-months after it happens. In my family, we never completely unpack. However, ever since I’ve ducked away to college, I’ve had a fairly obsessive habit of trying to be completely unpacked and arranged the day of the move. Truthfully, I’ve succeeded pretty much every time until now. I’ve learned that I have far too much shit to keep doing this. I must consolidate, I must clear out. The thing that kills me the most is how attached I’ve grown to the dumbest things, i.e. my foam “shocker” hand. It was $5 and I’ll never part with it, though I’ve yet to use it in public but once.

We do have power (thank the gods, every damn one of them) which means I get to not sleep in four layers of clothes under 5 layers of blankets. My room is a bit of a heat vacuum, which isn’t that unusual to me. The real upside is that this apartment has central heat and air, whereas my previous apartment had a wall unit that was only really affective after running for three solid days.

(also, about me putting my recital here, I can’t. WordPress doesn’t accept any audio format. Anyone willing to host for me? It’s completely illegal, mind you…)



  1. I’m gonna be the typical worry wart sis and hope that someone is driving with you to take shifts and such. That is a lot of driving in one day sweety. I do wish you a safe trip both ways. *hugs*

  2. Thanks! I did get safely to and from. It was far easier than I imagined it to be, since I typically get sleepy while driving. But I made it all the way home!

  3. 🙂 Glad to hear it hun.

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