January 29, 2007

Today is a big ole workshop session. Lots of talking, lots of listening. I liked it, except the movie making session at the end of the day. Not much use for me, and I was tired. However, the True Colors lesson was good. True Colors is a personality profiling system from the 70s that uses 4 colors to explain personality in many ways: orange, gold, green, and blue. Look it up, its fun! The Thinking Map workshop was interesting, as I learned how to use this mysterious and ominous classroom tool in a way I didn’t know was possible. Take that, previous professors who taught me nothing up until now! The class on working with students with disabilities was intersting, though, I’d have to say a bit boring. Luckily it was early, and I didn’t know any better then. Also, I figured out how to make a horse look like it was jumping without folding or tearing it. Who knew?!

After the workshop, I go home, and start wilding packing lots of things. We had planned on doing the Mage game that night, but H decided he couldn’t play, so we didn’t. After cramming lots of stuff in my car three times, then moving it to the new apartment, I got really tired, and tried to call the electric company. They told me that the previous tenant of my new place had had his power disconnected because he didn’t pay. My manager confirms this: “I had evict the sunuvabitch!” They then told me that I had to get a copy of the lease, fax it to the Credit Department, and wait for them to approve me, then they would send the order down here, and we then would have to wait another 4 days to get power. So, we go and get the lease, signed and paid for. Manager tells us to move on in, and so we do. Luckily, I still had furniture over at the old place. We go up to town, use the fax machine at a hotel and manage to get it through after 30 min. Tired, hungry, and not quite ready for Saturday, I go to bed.

Moving Day! I get up around 10, and have my roomie arrange to get a truck for us to move our stuff. Then we move our stuff. It only takes an hour-and-a-half, but we’re both tired when we get it done. We spend the rest of the day trying to arrange the apartment under hopes from Manager that they’ll “have the power on tonight or early tomorrow.” Yes, I know that means someone was gonna work on a Sunday. I’m dumb to believe him. We screwed around for the rest of the evening and eventually collapsed around 10pm, and I shivered my ass off. Bad mood, bad move.

Luckily, G is awake down the way, and I join her around 9am for cheerios and heat. We sit and do nothing most of the morning, then A came over, and we went and got breakfast at McCardboard. Then it was off to Hastings and a general big day of loafing around. No playing Mage today, of course, cause A’s when he has to work, so we crashed around 10pm.

I wake up at 6.30am to go over to the old place and get a shower. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten that I took the shower curtain to the new place, so I got to have fun cleaning the bathroom floor at 7am. Get coffee and prepare for another glorious day of meetings. This one was hell. We sit in the same chair all day long, in the same room, and listen to the same old guy talk about what we aren’t supposed to do during our student teaching. One lively discussion on religion and freedom of speech in the classroom, but other than that, I wanted to die. I leave there tired, cranky, hungry, and then discover that we still have no power, my iPod dies (trecherous since I’m making an 8 hour trip to east TX this weekend), I’m cold, my phone is dead, and I can’t find my friends. After scrounging up electric current at the library, I get hold of them, go to dinner with G’s folks, then home again home again jiggity-jig to watch the Covenant with my TV in G’s apartment. Yay for friends who are also bored.

Manager says he’s sorry about the power. Electric company says that we’ll have power in less than 24 hours. I still have to teach in the morning, and I’m considering heavily the merits of not bathing tomorrow. Luckily, I’m too lazy to get sweaty-stinky.


  1. Heh.

    So, our morning routine goes something like this: Mom gets up at quarter to seven and starts rousting the girls (nine and seven). At seven, the final wake-up call is issued and they grab clothes and head up to share Daddy’s shower while I prepare lunches and breakfast.

    This morning I go in and get ’em going, reminding them that Dad’s going to start the shower soon, when Punkin’ Pie (the nine year old) rolls over, sniffs her pit and announces that she thinks she’ll skip the shower today.

    I’m still giggling….

  2. This is why chargers for your car are useful to have. I have a whole glove compartment full.

  3. *hugs* You’ll make it through. If anything, you’ll be able to tell future generations the stories of the old days. How you froze your tuckus off and showered without a shower curtain.

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