January 13, 2007

Last night, I dremt I was driving a car through a city. Over the course of the dream, I started to hear a voice reading a poem. It was Mickey Mouse. Here is what I remember of the poem, interspersed with images from the dream:

[drive the car]

“(something about choices in life)”

[police lights in the rear view mirror, pull over. POV changes to outside car, watching car.]

“Will you choose to stay or will you go?”

[police car pulls behind my car, still watching from outside.

“You’ll go.”

[I speed away from police car.]

At the very moment that I pull away, my alarm clock blasts in my ear. Lots of blinking follows.


One comment

  1. I bet there is a lot of meaning about having a talking mouse as your narrator.

    Not that I can drum it up… but I’m sure there is.

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