January 7, 2007

So its been three days since I’ve even been able to think about what to write, let alone post. Student teaching is underway, and so far its okay. Not great, not horrible. I spent today and yesterday on a bus between home and another small college town for the kids to audition for Area contest. Unfortunately, they redistricted everyone, so we got stuck with a bunch of schools from a bigger city. This meant that none of our kids got anything. It’s like driving to your grandma’s for a holiday to find out they already fed everyone.

But its going okay. I tend to get mopey-like on a bus. Not that I’m actually mopey, just that I’d rather be left alone so I don’t throw up on someone. But this trip was a good trip. I look forward to Monday morning.

In other news, went to see “The Good Shepherd” with the Teacher. It went well. *giggle* We held hands! He ended up leaning on my shoulder too, which was kinda cool. And I kissed him outside. Yay! He’s a fun guy, though he’s hard to figure out. I think he’s a bit of a cowboy, which could be a problem. I don’t know…time will tell.



  1. I’ve been wanting to see that movie but AAFES isn’t playing it yet. Oh well. Glad things are going swell with Teacher. 🙂

  2. I share your bus sentiments. I don’t chaperone field trips for my girls that require I ride on a bus. If I can meet you all there, GREAT! If not, I’m not volunteering. Blugh!

    I’m excited for you and your new relationship! I love that giddy, new-guy feeling! The trick is to find the guy you can feel that way about fifteen years after the first date. I got lucky and found that guy for me; maybe this one is yours?

  3. Aw! Hand holding!!!

    I don’;t quite know what you mean by the Coyboy thing… I am so curious what that means.

  4. oooo cowboy? c’mon! mmmmm

    you will have to elaborate

  5. Area students get shafted by fictional Area Grandmother at Area Thanksgiving. More news at 8.

  6. cowboy… well, lets just say that he told me that his “roots” included wranglers and a cowboy hat.

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