December 30, 2006

No, seriously. I’m drunk.

*taps on desk* what to talk about… oh I know! Babies! Let’s talk about babies.

So, I’m back in my hometown, and I’m staying with family that is a little bit like friends. Actually they are more like friends that are more like family. It’s a long story. They have this baby, and she’s adorable. She is also quite capable at ignoring people. She can be sitting down, coloring on the wall while mom and dad sit across the room, screaming her name because they are sitting down, and she just ignores them. “The baby you are trying to yell at is busy or does not answer. Please leave a message after I draw the most abstract representation of a dinosaur on this here wall. Beep.”

This baby is quite cute. She seems to carry a charm that is very much her own. I mean, how cute can a baby be when they sling mac & cheese all over Chili’s? Not much, but for her, it was nearly worth laughing over.

However, the plight of my being this weekend, thus far (because I’m sure I’ll come up with some thing that can also be my plight. Can’t have just one!) is children’s programming. Namely, the Wiggles. I give them props because they include more non-suggestive and non-questional material. I give them props because they include both a regular exercise workout with information on safety and a regular cast of characters that creates a…good…learning environment for children, though that environment be through a series of vacuum tubes and ultra-sonic radiated pulses that will eventually rot your brain. But they are (ready?) FUCKING BORING AS HELL, OH MY GOD, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!!! SERIOUSLY, HOW CAN ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE SUBMIT THE PARENTS OF COUNTLESS PEOPLE TO TORTURES THAT WOULD MAKE BOTH NAZIS AND TED DANZA CRINGE IN FEAR! FUCK!

Also, C’s father does not have a calendar of men with mohawks hanging in his office. That is all.



  1. Now depending on which way you look at it, it could be a mohawk. Tee.

  2. children’s programming gives me hives. but it is funny to watch when blitzed.

  3. Drink up for me buddy. *hands you a half liter of spiked apple cider* Trust me, it’s delish.

  4. Um…hate to admit this, but that is an old Wiggles photo. The dude in the red left the, um, group and was replaced by somebody else.

    God, I hate myself for knowing that.

  5. Thank you for the information. Hopefully, new Red guy is a lot less creepy looking.

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