December 30, 2006

Speaking to Adam the other day, he informed me how the Rosary works. Let’s see if I get this right: It’s 5 sections containing a certain amount of prayers per section, and you can focus on different sets of “Mysteries” (which are tales from Jesus’ life) depending on what you are praying about. The whole thing takes around 40 minutes.

Something about this seems very alluring. I can’t decide if its the process of a prescribed meditation or the bead thing. Honestly, from where I’m sitting, I wouldn’t mind having something like that to do. Granted, not too intersted in an Ave Maria or Salve Regina. However, let’s think of something that might fit me better:

“I am here in this place and full in myself. Here, I have the moment to hold and cherish, for there is nothing before or after that matters. The moment is in my hands and to be at peace with now brings peace with myself. This is how the world works, moment by moment.”

“The universe says yes to all things. Nothing happens that is outside the realm of knowing or being, and nothing violates the nature of things, for all things exist in nature. To realize that life is never in opposition to itself is to learn how to cope with even the more dire tragedy. This is how the world works, with all things as one.”

“No man is an island, for nothing happens that doesn’t affect someone or something else. With this, nothing happens that wasn’t caused by some other event. Life is a chain of happenings, and choices are mearly made from the set of options that comes down the chain. Take responsibility for your actions, and allow chance to have its place in life. This is how the world works, with all things connected, before and after.”

Not bad, eh? Perhaps this would be a good thing to include in my life in the next year. Certainly the lessons I’ve just written out arent my own, and I certainly haven’t mastered them. Just a thought. Or maybe there is some nice koan out there that would suffice. What do the Buddhists do with their 108 beads?

Anyway, to bring it back around, I’ve been thinking about going to a Catholic Mass because of this Rosary thing, and the prescribed ritual. Though I doubt the wonder I see is nearly as large in other’s eyes. At least not those born into that faith. But that’s another topic.



  1. Seeing a Mass in action is pretty neat actually. Just have someone tell you about the sitting and standing and the shaking of hands because that threw me.

  2. I’ve been to an Easter Mass before. It was interesting. Actually, I was being paid to go because I was playing with the orchestra. The Saturday Vigil service was pretty cool.

  3. I’ve been married to a catholic for three years now and have yet to go to a mass. I want to though but I think I’ll be scared as hell since I’m used to a congregation of what…7? 😛

  4. lovely

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