ta da, i’m home

December 28, 2006

Sorry for the “long-time-no-post.” I decided to take a break. I think I’m done now.

So how are you? How’s have you been? Did you have a good Yulkwanzhannachrismadon? I did. I got Magnetic Poetry. Three kinds! The sweet original, the extra crispy Poet’s edition, and a honey BBQ calendar with a magnetic pad on the bottom. I decided to hand the calendar in the living room so that my friends of overactive imagination and borderline “can’t keep my hands to myself” disorder would have something to play with.

 Results thus far?
“Melt after another blue morning, please.”
“I relax with easy shrubbery”
“I party like a man in grass on fire.”
“Is firing your goddess bad?”
“dark freedom is almost always like a warm happy woman.”
“Puddles eternally dream of cake as tomatoes ask for murmuring promises from secret monsters”

Go friends!

Stay tuned tomorrow for National Drunk Blogging Day, featuring C. I may even let her post on my blog to add some texture.

And a quick shout out to Miss Kate over at Dating God (see blogroll). Her Grandma Booty died recently, and who couldn’t use a little more love these days, anyway. Chin up, Kate!



  1. T Minus 24 hours. Ish. Depends on when we want to start, I suppose. So we have a free chauffeur service thanks to my Mom. We’ll get dropped off at Kelly’s and then we’ll ring for the next hop. How about crazy drunk dancing at City Limits? I say there’s a photo essay in the making.

  2. I love magnetic poetry. We have one regular box of it and Bry swears it’s the dirty one. But just because everyone has to mess with our fridge and have something about a juicy sausage….hehe.

    Drunk blogging, now that’s something I’d pay to see.

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