good day

December 13, 2006

Yesterday was pretty good. I had a couple moments where I wondered how I ever got into a bad mood, and one where I had to think to know for sure that I was having a great day, because my grasp on what that meant has loosened over the last couple months. But, here’s how my day went:

1. Called into work because I was out cuddling with the Dancer, so I got to sleep in.
2. Got up, took my time, and enjoyed some brown sugar/cinnamon poptarts while I worked on my English Final.
3. Went and practiced saxophone and percussion, did pretty good. Got good work done, felt pretty proud of myself.
4. Went to percussion final, played okay, didn’t feel bad about it, went about my business
5. Worked on printing out some poems for my professor, decided I’m not so bad a writer after all.
6. Grabbed a tasty lunch at Wendy’s with Adam, went into town.
7. Went with him to play his brand-spankin’ Xbox 360, its shiny. Got to play with the Great Dane, I love puppies.
8. Got my results from percussion final, prof said I would do great in whatever career I decide to take.
9. Got my saxophone results, got very good remarks, and had the ‘best playing by ear of the day,’ according to Turk. I’m totally ready for my recital.
10. Went to English, blurred through exam, talked to prof. She said that I’m going to live a very exciting life, and that I’ll do fantastic in whatever I choose. She still recommends the Ph.D.
11. Came home, listened to really good episode of IDDFOS (heard my letter again, yay, I’m a whore).
12. Got invite to hang with the Dancer.
13. Had lovely walk to Hastings and back.
14. Submitted “Illness” for Submission
15. Bought books on Writing Programs
16. Made blueberry muffins
17. Took history final, got a 76. Got a B, but it’s not a C!
18. Got some reading done.

And that’s my day. A good day at that. There were other small things, like smiling to people, and talking to people, and having a decent small chat here or there. Good day, Derek. Good day.



  1. Dude, do this with me.


  2. I’ll be in town, so…sure!

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