December 13, 2006

As I’m walking around school this week, I started to get a great sense of space. It was curious, how much more open space there was suddenly. I mean, I live on the plains, so open space isn’t a problem, or a luxury. It’s just the way things are. You have to drive between two places, most times, because it could take you 30 minutes just to get to the grocery store. And public transportation, ha! We have it, but I’ve never seen it.

But this increase in capacity or vicinity felt empty, no pun intended. It dawned on me as I was looking around campus, at all the people.  This photo is a sample of the sort of girls I was seeing. Note how the ponytail works best for this body type. Apparently, wearing your hair down is fattening. Though this particular specimen is beautiful, ignore her feet. She’s probably related to clowns, or wears tassels or something. Either way, she can’t be blamed for her bad selection of shoes; her blood sugar is far too low.

Here is another beauty, on the left. Not only can you see her ribs, but you can see her hip bones and her spine. And her thorns. She’s going with a more natural look, I suppose. Nice necklace.

After a long photo shoot, a meal of exactly three saltines and a stalk of celery equal to her total body mass and a fun night at the club, this lovely model likes to curl up with a comfy, uh, twisty-tie. Aw, they’re so efficiently packed when they’re sleeping. So peaceful.


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