December 12, 2006

So there is this dancer. I knew he was there. How could I miss him? He’s 6’4″ with a ‘hawk. A real one.

I first learned of his earnest for me at football game, where a friend told me said dancer had asked her to point me out of the crowd. Confused and not wanting to be rude, she did. And then he added me on facebook. Then he asked another friend of mine for my number, which *grumble* she gave.

So he called me, then he texted me. Trying not to deny the prospects and coincidences life affords us, I text back. Wello, some five conversations over IM and text later, he invites me to his friends house, where they are watching movies. Fun fact: when I called him, my iPod tried to show me the serendipity of things, and started playing a string of songs that were both fun and suggestive of naughty behavior and being with others in nicer senses.

Dancers are…different. They are a bit mor sexual than the normal adult, even when not drunk. These ladies were slowly working their way into drunk, though I don’t think any of them actually got there. And there I was, drinking some Mad Dog 20/20 and watching the 40-Year Old Virgin with them. I did my best to be myself, which isn’t normally an issue until lately, especially around new people.

Well, it didn’t take long. I don’t know if it was the alcohol, the eagerness, or the natural confidence that both of us have *huh?* but soon we were basically wrapped around each other.

Am I attracted to him? I haven’t the slightest. I can’t even honestly say I’ve looked him in the face yet. I think i just wanted to hold someone. Maybe that makes me slutty, but even if it does, I had a decent time, and I got to feel important to one person for a time. We’ll see how things go with The Dancer.



  1. Wow, an almost naughty blog post. Nice.

    I hear dancers…are flexible. You should, um, hint if that is indeed the truth.

  2. And lose my nice little PG rating? hah!

  3. Ooooh! New romance! HOW exciting!!

    Let those of us who have been married for a while live vicariously through you, please! New relationships are always so much fun! Not that my “old” one isn’t, mind you, but it’s not the same as that rush of getting to know someone new…

    And trust me, with a little creative composition, you can tell us ALL ABOUT the..um…flexibility of dancers without losing your PG rating…

  4. I hope this one works out for ya. Sounds like he makes ya quite happy…and that makes this lady happy too. 🙂 *hugs*

    Oh and grats on getting the awesome props from your professors! Proud of ya bro! (yeah yeah, I know this part refers to a different blog but I didn’t wanna post twice 😛 Call me lazy.)

  5. Just a point of reference: we’ve only hung out once. We aren’t “together.” Though, for the sake of social experiment, it could be fun…

  6. Oh sorry for my misunderstanding.

  7. *smile, hug* no big!

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