December 8, 2006

Sometimes, when digging around the web, one can find the most profound and useful bits of information. Since I was discussing my lack of people skills with C last night, I decided to look for help, and here’s what I found:

The Art of Mingling, by



  1. Heh, heh.

    Tis the season for office parties and forced mingling. Good luck with that.

    It’s funny, because for as outgoing and friendly as I am (and I am, really), I suck at parties where I don’t know most of the other partygoers. I can have a wonderful, spontaneous conversation with complete strangers in the checkout line at the grocery store, but I freeze up in spaces where conversatoin and mngling are EXPECTED. I wonder if it’s the performance pressure that seizes me up…

  2. I find a little liquor goes a long way in a social situation. I really does help me some. Although, normally, i’m right there with you. I almost can’t bear a social situation in which I have no anchors.

  3. Man, I always ask what they do and stick too another person who has deer-in-headlights eyes. At least I’m somewhat confident….But in the real word, shy is just codeword for aloof. That’s a bit hard to over come.

  4. But seriously, how is “Hello! I’m practicing my mingling tonight. How am I doing?” not pathetic if you can’t quite pull it off or you’re in a room with people without humor.

  5. Ugh mingling. I get forced to do that tonight at a Batallion Christmas Dinner cuz I was asked to cook the ham. Remind me never to volunteer my baking/cooking skills to the BN again. I get asked more frequently now. And ya know, no one we know is going and Bry and I are both wallflowers in that sort of situation. Perhaps it’ll be a shovel in the food and get the hell out of there.

    *pokepoke* But seriously, get out dere and meet some peoples *nods*

  6. hey, hey. I try. I actually am going to ask this guy on a date tonight, so there! *tongue*

  7. Ooooooh I expect updates 😉 Oh and I mingled at that party and met new people. I was surprised at myself!

  8. I heard people talking about this book on the Canadian Broadcast Radio today too.

    They suggest this as a mingling line- “The host thinks that you and I knew each other in a past life, isn’t that the craziest thing!?”


  9. uh, exactly….

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