December 6, 2006

The coat on the left is today’s coat of choice. It completes the ensemble of my “skull tree” t-shirt and my argyle beanie.

It really makes me, you know. I look darker, maybe even a little scary. I’ve been trying to reinvent myself with some clothing. It may sound shallow, but if you think about, everything you wear is a costume. It’s just up to you to decide who you are gonna be today.

I’m attempting to let the darker sides of me come through a little bit. Perhaps, as I’ve done in the past, if I allow those things to manifest on my outside, they won’t brood and boil so much on the inside. Not the best philosophy, but for a quick fix when you’re not ready to get rid of everything just yet, it’ll do.

Now if I can only get rid of this damned healthy complexion.


One comment

  1. ooooooh, that’d look really hot together.

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