round 1: the interview

December 5, 2006

The following is an actual interview. The names, though none are listed, have been changed to protect the guilty. All other facts remain true. Further information can be found at Indecisive Peach.

*sleezy detective show music*

1. Tell us about your HS antics and the subjects you liked the best.

My high school antics… I really never had anything that was a real
antic beyond my dating. That fell under the amusement spectrum for all
of my friends. There was always speculation that I would be killed in
my sleep by some haplessly demented paramour. Sadly, this line of
dating has not changed.

I enjoyed computers in high school, thought that’s where I was going to
go in life. Naturally, I was a better in other things, but that’s not
what you pay attention to in high school.

2. When did you first decide that shoes where a good subject for

Well, my shoe photography is not very recent, and gathering from my
Flickr stream, not that potent yet. I seem to be the most snap happy
person when I happen to be in a crowd and no one wants to take pictures
of me. So I do what I can, I take pictures of my feet.

3. Tell us about your favorite toothpaste and why?

I use the generic blue Crest stuff; I think I’ve gotten used to the
taste. Cinnamon is not a winner with me anymore. Although, my mom
turned me on to this Pro-Health stuff, woooweeee, is that strong.
Disturbing too since it tells you that you’re not allowed to use it
more than four times a week without talking to your doctor. My oh my.

4. What was your favorite stuffed animal as a child/adult?

Since I was born right after Easter, there were a lot of left over
ducks and bunnies. I had a trio of ducks that were my main posse when I
was young. Fluffy, Fluffy Jr, and Fluffy the First. I didn’t quite have
the suffix of the inherited name down pat when I was five.

5. What is the favorite thing about where you live?

The mountains, definitely the mountains. I need a landmark to tell me
which was the north is. I am most horribly lost without such things.
The mountains are followed quickly by the weather. I love sweltering in

6. Tell us the history of your hair.

Oh it’s long and knotty. *rimshot*

Well, here it is. I was a bright blonde when I was young, and then my
mother had this fantastic idea to cast me as Rapunzel. My hair grew and
grew and instead of getting a room in a tower, my main personality
attribute become what my hair symbolized. Hippy… granola… care and
involvement in hair activities. This, unfortunately, was not me.
Hair was always a bone of contention with my mother and I. She realized
that this is how I was going to embark on my teenage rebellion when I
kept asking to get it cut shorter and shorter. At its longest it
reached beyond my bum, and then it started to shrink: to the middle of
my back, to below my shoulder, to my shoulders, and the finality that
it usually is, right below my jaw line.

I keep cutting my hair super, super short when I grieve for past loves.
It’s not pretty. The first incantation was a manly affair, the next was
a way more feminine pixie look.

I currently dye it a lighter shade of blonde than I am normally just
because I can get away with it, i.e. my eyebrows are super light. I got
lucky with my drapes and curtains.

7. If you could accomplish one thing in your life, what would it be?

I suppose I have to write a novel at one point. I hafta cause my momma
wants to be acknowledged.

8. What is your favorite movie and album, and why?

My favorite movie would be Run Lola Run. I dig issues of time and what
could happen if that were different situations.

My favorite album. Dear me. Um. Of all time? *eyes CD binder* Well that
would have to be ‘naturally’ um, I have no idea. I pass.

9. Give us a poem, please.

I eat my peas with honey.
I’ve done it all my life.
It makes the peas taste funny,
but it keeps them on my knife.
-Shel Silverstein (I believe, my Google search tells me I may be

10. 50 words on the intellectual properties and advantages of cookies.

Cookies have satisfyingly little intellectual properties actually. If
they did, the vegans would be up in arms and I’d have to rally on the
Slaughter of Cookies side. Beady little chocolate chip eyes, furtively
carrying nuts that could harm innocent and allergic school children.
Really, I’m doing my patriotic duty. 

*end credits, interjected at bottom of screen to allow commerical of next show on the schedule*

No really. Go To Indecisive Peach’s blog. She’s cool *points to top*


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