November 30, 2006

We have a snow day, we have a snow day! *does a little dance*

Yes, we got about, oh, 2 inches, and so the college shut down for the day. No class, no work, no seminar (I hope), and no lesson! So here in a while, I’m gonna sit in the nice warm building and practice all my stuff, then go waste the afternoon with friends!

So, enough blogging! I got a life to enjoy!



  1. TWO inches? Pffft! Lightweight!

    MY university didn’t close down for ANYTHING. If you had to get to class via sled dog, dag-nabbit, you were expected to be there!

    We called it the University of No Holidays.

    Of course, Husband works there now, but in research, not academia. If the girls have a snow day, he usually takes one, too…

  2. yeah, well down here, we freak out easy.

  3. How is it that I live in Germany, land of snow and get no snow…and blasted hot Texas gets it? Grrrr

  4. Because the world is a machine and its fuel is irony.

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